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JNcQUOI brings French Glamour to Lisbon


JNcQUOI is a restaurante, a bar and a clothing shop at the same time


The new restaurant JNcQUOI is one of the most recent spaces to open in Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon. This space inspired by Paris brings a new concept to Portugal, combining a restaurant, a bar, a grocery shop and a clothing shop.

Read our interview with Maria Pimentel, communication and marketing manager of JNcQUOI, and discover more about this new space.


The JNcQUOI concept mixes fashion and gastronomy. How did appear the idea of bringing it to Portugal? Why gathering these two worlds (fashion and gastronomy)? Is there a parallel between them or is it just a happy meeting?

The idea of bringing a space mixing fashion and gastronomy has appeared for two reasons. The first is that consumption as a multi-dimensional and multi senses experience is a trend in Europe and in the world. Being Lisbon currently one of the main touristic destination in Europe, it made all sense opening a space that made part of this philosophy and which transformed Lisbon even more a cosmopolitan city to Portuguese people and to those who visit us.

The second reason is connected to the experience and the know-how of the project’s creators. In one side, Paula Amorim is the owner of Fashion Clinic boutiques since 1990 and Gucci franchise since 2012.

In another side, Miguel Guedes de Sousa has a great experience in terms of hotel and restaurant businesses, working in several luxury resorts. In this sense they have created synergies and brought a ground-breaking concept where food meets fashion.

Currently Miguel Guedes de Sousa is working as the CEO of Amorim Luxury group.


How has it been the response of people towards your space since your opening?

Very positive! Both Portuguese people and tourists are very curious to discover the JNcQUOI concept and those who come usually return.


Both Assouline publisher and Ladurée were not present in Portugal before. How has it been the reaction of people?

They’ve both been welcome. Ladurée has been having a great success on take-away but as well as consumption inside this space – Restaurant and Deli – as an alternative to the traditional Portuguese desserts. Assouline has created enthusiasm among the clients especially with their special editions on fashion and lifestyle.


What can we expect from Ladurée tea room? When is it going to open?

For Ladurée salon we may expect a space faithful to Ladurée’s identity, but with a Fashion Clinic twist. Designed by the same architect of JNcQUOI – Lázaro Rosa Violán – the space is completely contemporary with surprising details.

Concerning the menu, this will present light meals, desserts, French pastry and of course a long list of macaroons, like all of the tea rooms of Ladurée. The opening is scheduled to mid-July.


Which is the philosophy of JNcQUOI and why does it worth to be visited?

The philosophy of JNcQUOI includes presenting a space where fashion mixes with gastronomy in three different but connected areas. JNcQUOI aims above everything to create experiences of social hedonism where details, convenience and service are at the centre of attention, extending the lifestyle associated with Fasion Clinic to other dimensions of life. It is unique, in Lisbon, and somehow in fashion.

Fashion Clinic

Is the creation of such innovative concepts in Lisbon as JNcQUOI related to the growing attraction factor of the city?

Besides tourists, Portuguese people are getting more and more demanding and search diverse concepts that bring something new to the city and to the daily life.


What can we do at JNcQUOI? How do the several areas work and in which schedules?

JNcQUOI presents three floors. On the first floor there is a restaurant with 90 seats serving classical dishes, national and international ones, really well cooked as well a list of wine with over 500 references. It is a space to calmer meals, to taste and enjoy. The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday between 12pm and 12am.

On the ground floor there is Delibar, a balcon bar with 42 seats where it is served mostly light meals, surrounded with a wine section and gourmet grocery shop presenting a rigorous selection of the best national and international products. In this floor you find also the corners of Ladurée and Assouline. The Delibar is open from Monday to Thursday between 10am and midnight, Friday and Saturday between 10am and 2am.

Finally at the -1 floor you find the Fashion Clinique shop for men, presenting a strong portfolio of international luxury brands as well as the private label collection of Fashion Clinic, Timeless. To add, there is also available a tailoring service for men who might want suited pieces. The shop is open from Monday to Saturday between 10am and 10pm.

JNcQUOI is closed on Sundays.


Which are the specialties of the house (both of the restaurant and the Delibar)?

At the restaurant we underline the truffle Tortilha, the Burrata de bufalla, the Crab of Alaska, the goat chop, the fresh cod on bean and peppers and the seabass ceviche with lime.

At the Delibar we stress the lobster hot dog, the Algarve oysters, the grouper ceviche, the truffle eggs ovos rotos, the Iberian pork plumes and the cod au gratin.


Is it true that you have a DJ playing records at the toilet?

Yes, it is true. The DJ is playing music every Thursday from 6pm to midnight, Friday and Saturday from 6pm and 2am at the toilet of JNcQUOI, on Delibar’s floor.



Photo credit : observador.pt e timeout.pt

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