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My Lisboa With Ana Neves

My Lisboa With Ana Neves

"Lisbon is a lively city, with a lot going on at the same time and many projects being born"


Why Lisbon?

I never made plans to live and work in Lisbon, it was something that eventually happened. I'm from Santarém and studied in Leiria and Madrid. The option to come to the Portuguese capital came when I had to choose a company to work, as an intern, within my college degree. Since then, I haven’t left: I’m still working here and became more and more in love with the city.


What makes the difference in Lisbon?

Beside its beauty - reflected in the belvederes, monuments, gardens and leisure spaces - it is characterized by a chaotic upheaval that becomes addictive. I remember that, at first, I badly handled the rush of everyday life, the struggle against time, but nowadays I no longer imagine myself living otherwise. It´s a lively city, with a lot going on at the same time, and many projects being born.

tropical Garden

What was the last discovery you made in Lisbon?

Every single day I find myself learning new things about Lisbon. And writing about the city, in professional terms, it becomes even more significant. I do not remember the last discovery, but I remember one of the first ones I made when I came to live here: everyone thinks the city's patron is Santo António, when, in fact, is São Vicente.

São Vicente

What is your favorite restaurant?

I have several favorite restaurants, but one that I met recently - which I liked a lot - was the Organi Chiado, with healthy and very tasty choices.


When you need a place to relax in the city, where do you go?

Anywhere near the river. I like to run, to walk or just to sit and enjoy the scenery on the riverside, between Terreiro do Paço and Belém.

River Tagus

What is the best kept secret in Lisbon?

I'm still trying to discover it.


Where do you like to go shopping?

I love Baixa Pombalina and Chiado. We can find everything from the historical shops to the most modern ones. It´s a shame that these older establishments are closing. They are part of the city's identity.

River Tagus

If you had to recommend a culture space in the city ... what would it be?

Lisbon has cultural spaces that suit everyone, but perhaps I would suggest the recently opened Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, for it is an unusual building.

For those who, like me, wish to know the origins of the city, I recommend a trip to the Reservatório da Patriarcal or to Galerias Romanas.


One word to describe Lisbon…



Give us an idea for Lisbon…

Given the touristic boom in recent years, I think this is time to ensure infrastructure and equipment (speaking of transports, for example) with dimensions adapted to the amount of visitors, never forgetting - even emphasizing – the residents. This would prevent any clash between these two worlds.

Who is Ana Neves?

Ana Matos Neves, 24 years. Journalist for Agência Lusa. In the past three years, she has followed professionally the local reality of Lisbon (and also politics). Before doing so, she was already a resident - after passing through places like Benfica and Arroios, she surrendered to the center, now living in the downtown.

Communicative by nature. Passionate about journalism, fashion, fitness and music.



Where to find her?

Facebook: facebook.com/avnmneves

Instagram: instagram.com/anamatosneves/


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