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Antonio Mezzero Makes The Best Neapolitan Pizza

Best Pizza In The World

Antonio Mezzero was born in Italy but it’s at Matosinhos that he sweat in front of the oven. And from Matosinhos he took off to win the Best Neapolitan Pizza in the World award. Right there, in Naples


He lives in Matosinhos since 2008, where he owns a pizza restaurant. Last June 7th he won the Caputo Trophy 17th edition, organized by Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napolateni, freely translated as the Naples Pizza Makers Association.

The test consisted of making the best pizza Margherita - the traditional Naples pizza - of the world. Being the most basic pizza there’s an extra challenge to do it right and win, against 500 participants from 37 countries. Making the world best version of a classic simplicity was not certainly easy, moreover at the dish’s original place of birth. Nonetheless Portuguese pizzaiolo (the man who makes pizza) Antonio Mezzero did it.

Awarded Pizza

Matosinhos's pizzaiolo had already been distinguished twice, with two second places in the Classic Pizza category, but this year the prize was doubly tasty: not only did he win the competition, but did so in the matching year when UNESCO declared the art of making pizza - and the profession of pizzaiolo - as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

He was born in Italy and soon immigrated with his family to Germany. When he was 25 years old, he came to Portugal to bring his brother (who was already living here) and did not return home. It was in Portugal that he found his.


Antonio Mezzero first opened Pulcinella, a restaurant with only 12 seats, and in 2013, to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Clerics Tower, by Nazoni, another Italian, he offered Porto a pizza with 5 meters. On that day, Antonio received the certification of Verace Pizza Napoletana, the first one to receive this distinction in Portugal.

In 2014 he founded the Portuguese Pizza Championship, and received the title of ambassador of Pizza Napoletana in Portugal, the first in Portugal and the third in the world to earn it.

In 2017 he changed the restaurant name to his own. Antonio Mezzero was already a gastronomic reference of the city and the country, with his name standing for excelent pizza.

Awarded Pizza

At Pizzeria Antonio Mezzero, besides the award-winning Margherita (which has already gained the D.O.P. category), you can also find the most representative Italian appetizers: bruschetta, burrata or focaccia; Margherita’s BBFs, such as the Passione, with game sausage, cured goat cheese, watercress and Port wine reduction or Al Tartufo, with mozzarella, white truffle and buleto mushrooms.

As dessert, there is a bombastic Nutella Pizza, Tiramisu, Panna Cotta and an Affogato as seen in the streets of Rome.

The lunch menu costs, on average, for two people, €25 and a dinner, also for a two, €40.

To know more about Antonio and his Pizzeria click here



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