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A Perfect Gay Night In LIsbon

Gay Bars

Just arrived alone? Looking for a company and want the best spot to find it? This is the gay path for the summer of 2018.


As there is no gay type, we bring you a list of places that are blasting in Lisbon so that you have an alternative choice. But even this expression "alternative" seems to us already so depleted, as it if any of us had a choice or an alternative. Well, be gay, be straight, must go to any of these, it will be fun, then sleep or not with whoever you want.

Before the classic sites, where all Lisbon gays go since ever, we bring you the grand new places. Are you fat and hairy but craving for love like any beautiful a la mode baby? Have you come out of the closet just yesterday and wants to start at level one? Whatever your choice is we bring you what's new in Lisbon gay night, starting with the recent out-of-the-box spots.

The good part - apart from yours - is that every chosen place is more or less close to each other, and if you dislike the first one you can easily seek companionship in next one, 30 steps away.

Since always the Principe Real neighbourhood and his surroundings, especially the hill that descends to São Bento, is the gayest part of the capital, and since mentalities have become more tolerant, this brand is often used as a form of ‘marketing’, and who wants to open a gay bar in Lisbon must try it here before anywhere else.


The Woof LX is located on Rua da Palmeira (full demarcated territory, in the middle of the hill) and it is a forest of bears. But you don’t need to be a bear to enter. There is a lot of beard and a lot of body hair, but the atmosphere is cool and relaxed, and nobody will ask you for money at the entrance.


If you seek a edgy alternative, and hunger for Tom Cruise to do a version of Eyes Wide Shut with only guys, you have to go to the Raw Bar. Auto defines itself as fetish bar, and is also on the block where more closet doors have opened, in Rua de São Marçal. 

There are nudism parties, underwear and fetish events every day, which to be much more kinky start as early as 5 pm; there's nothing like leaving the office, taking off the tie and the rest and going to a party cheerfully shake the weenie. The dress code implies, of course, nothing more than nothing, underwear, leather or latex. For obvious reasons the bar offers a locker and for less obvious ones, condoms and lubricant. In the bar, apart from what one would expect, there are still poppers available.


In a less alternative, but not less fun, there is Trumps, also at São Marçal, which in the 80s and 90s saved a lot of boys from going home alone and where music is still a guarantee of animation and rampant dance, essentially house, pop and funk and thank god, some revivalism to the mix.

Debora Crystal

Finally Finalmente, it is the oldest house on this list, it has already been 42 years old. It's always fun and deliciously decadent, and the transvestite shows are epic, ever since. Because this house divas are not selfish, Finalmente has a weekly show dedicated to the anonymous debutants, called "Place to the Newbies", where the unknown transvestis have their 5 minutes of fame and, with luck, the beginning of a career under the spotlight .

The cast has always been creative and lively over the years, and many transforming stars were born at Finalmente. The space is small, easily crowded, but you can bring yourself a drink outside, the company is equally joyful, and the Lisbon night there, river down the hill, promises sea fresh breeze.



Photos from FB or place’s websites. 

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