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Fall In Love With The Fragrances By Comporta Perfumes

Comporta Perfumes

Would you like to take that Comporta scent with you after the holidays are over? Now you can


Many personalities gathered at Praia da Comporta to discover the new fragrances by Comporta Perfumes. This is Pedro Dias’s new project, a perfume critic and collector who saw enormous potential in this paradise destination to develop new fragrances, which resulted in six different perfumes. To help materialize his project, Pedro invited three international perfumers, Beatrice Aguilar, Daniel Josier and Luca Maffei.

Pedro Dias

Comporta is thought to be one of the most exclusive destinations in Europe, where many gather to enjoy the unspoiled, almost virgin, nature that surrounds the area. “Comporta has sand, the low vegetation,  the pine trees, the rice fields... It’s an enormous fragrance diversity. Because of that, we took advantage of the international buzz of Comporta to communicate a Portuguese concept”, says Pedro Dias.

To get where he is now, Pedro created a storytelling board, along with a guide with the notes and the ingredients that should be part of the essential oils of the perfumes. The perfumers were given three guidelines: to make the perfumes with exclusive raw materials, to obtain highly concentrated fragrances and to not worry about budget limitations, so that they could create unique works.

When talking to Pedro Dias, his passion for perfumery is quite noticeable, as well as his vast knowledge of the subject. When asked about his favorite perfume, the scent evangelist hesitates for a moment, only to say that “the salty sand is a very happy example of a cologne with concentration”, but that is favorite is “perhaps the Palafítico”.

One of the characteristics about his line that Pedro Dias draws our attention to is its composition. “These perfumes are based on natural molecules. Dona Bia has twelve essential oils in its composition, so the capacity to react on the skin is very diverse”, he explains. These distinguish themselves from synthetic molecules based perfumes, which “always smell of the same, be it on skin or paper.”

Comporta Perfumes

The six fragrances that compose the Comporta Perfumes’ line are:


Areia Salgada (by Daniel Josier)

A citric aroma with a touch of green, which reproduces the happiness felt upon arriving at one of the beaches in Comporta when the sun kisses the skin along with the breeze from the sea, or in the evening when drinking a gin and tonic at a terrace by the beach.


Dona Bia (by Beatrice Aguilar)

An intense perfume, hot, with a touch of coffee and spices, that transports us to never-ending dinners with friends in one of the Comporta’s restaurants (as a matter of fact, Dona Bia is one of those restaurants).


Mosquito (by Beatrice Aguilar)

A light floral scent, slightly resembling of nutmeg. A pure and subtle fragrance.


Muda (by Luca Maffei)

A perfume which combines floral notes with a cardamom and toasted grains aroma, ideal for a sunset party in the evening.


Palafítico (by Luca Maffei)

Sandal, oil and balsamic are all scents that remind us of the seawater drenched wood at Cars Palafítico da Carrasqueira.


Sela (by Daniel Josier)

Leather with a touch of acid raspberry, which transports us to the horseback rides along the beach in Comporta.


Comporta Perfumes’ motto is “Storytelling on your skin”, that is to say, the skin of those who wear them tells a story, just like these fragrances tell the story of the olfactory universe at Comporta. These are available in Eau de Perfume, in a single 100ml size (118€). You can find them in several niche perfume and concept stores in Portugal and Spain as well as on the brand’s website.

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