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My Comporta With Architect Cristina Jorge de Carvalho

My Comporta With Cristina Jorge de Carvalho

"[Comporta] is a very quiet place, with a very simple lifestyle”


How did you discover Comporta? 

Many years ago, through some friends. We have been coming here every summer since then. And also, off-season.


Why is Comporta so special?

Because it still is unknown to so many and because it invites you to lead such a relaxed and simple lifestyle. Everything is scattered, there are the beautiful rice fields, especially when they’re green, the desert beaches, the hamlets and villages, the boat rides to Arrábida, the Palafítico Quay, the horse rides along the beach, the picnics on the beach... In terms of architecture, the huts are unique with their thatched roofs. Whenever I have to design a house here I always look at them for inspiration for something a bit more modern. 


Planning a day in Comporta, what do you suggest?

Where do you recommend we have breakfast?  

Whenever I don’t have breakfast at home, I go to Pica Peixe, at Carvalhal, to have an egg sandwich and an orange juice.


What’s your favorite restaurant in Comporta?

I like several: the Museu, the Dinis, the Sal, the Cavalariça, and the São João. And of course, the samosas and curry at Pica Peixe.

Where can’t you resist shopping at?

Lavanda for the variety of house décor objects and clothes. Coral for the different selection of pieces and objects. Oh, and this year I discovered Barracuda, a furniture store that I loved. 

Coral Comporta

Where is the ideal place to watch the sunset?

The sunset parties at Sal, but above all at home, dancing with some friends or at theirs. That’s something that’s always been done in Comporta!


What is Comporta’s best-kept secret, in your opinion? 

The simple lifestyle. 


What would you say to someone who’s going to visit Comporta for the first time?

Everything that I have told you above. That it is a very quiet place where we can lead a very simple life


Describe Comporta in a single word.



An idea for Comporta.

A lot... Comporta has been changing for some years now and so it will need to create new solutions, never forgetting what’s unique about it .

Who is Cristina Jorge de Carvalho?

With a vast portfolio and a creative vision that allies both functionality and sophistication, Cristina Jorge de Carvalho has her homonymous studio where she creates tailor-made projects in the areas of Architecture and Interior Design.


Where can you find her?

You can follow Cristina Jorge de Carvalho by keeping up with her projects on her website.

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