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My Comporta With Businesswoman Cathrine Austad

My Comporta With Cathrine Austad

"I was immediately drawn to Comporta’s beauty"


How did you discover Comporta?

I discovered Comporta at the beginning of 2000, when I stayed there at a friends’ house. I was immediately drawn to Comporta’s beauty. I decided to buy a plot and build my home there. Nowadays, my house in Comporta is my refuge. 


Why is Comporta so special?

Paradise is an hour away from Lisbon. The desert, wild beaches, to eat grilled fish with the Atlantic at your feet and, of course, the locals.

Comporta Beach

Planning a day in Comporta, what do you suggest?

I’d probably suggest you start the day with a horse-ride and then lunch at Sal or Dinis. Then, go to the beach to make the most of the sun rays. Last but not least, go to downtown Comporta to shop and… perhaps drink a Gin and Tonic at Colmo Bar.

Where do you recommend we have breakfast?

Colmo Bar and Eucalyptus.


What’s your favorite restaurant in Comporta?

I don’t have a favorite, I like them all!


Where can’t you resist shopping at?

At Lavanda, of course ;)


Where is the ideal place to watch the sunset? 

Any restaurant on the beach, be it Comporta, Carvalhal or Pego.


What is Comporta’s best-kept secret, in your opinion?

The fact that it is possible for me to be alone on a desert beach in August.


What would you say to someone who’s going to visit Comporta for the first time?

Come visit Lavanda!


Describe Comporta in a single word.


An idea for Comporta.

Stop vehicles from accessing downtown Comporta and build a parking lot. Subsequently, to project a square with a fountain and trees in the center of the village. 

Who is Cathrine Austad?

Cathrine Austad came from Norway in 2000 and we’ve already heard someone say that she’s the most Portuguese Norwegian there is. She created Lavanda, where you can buy amazing clothing and décor.


Where can you find her?

You can find Cathrine at her store, Lavanda.

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