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My Comporta With Businessman Luís de Carvalho

My Comporta With Luís de Carvalho

"Right from the beginning, it was very special to me, with both an energy and a very attractive chemistry"


How did you discover Comporta? 

On holiday in 1982, because I used to visit an aunt that taught here. I continued coming here regularly and in 1994 decided to open a bar on the beach. It started as a simple beach bar close to the sea; in 2002 we moved to where Comporta Café is today.


Why is Comporta so special?

Right from the beginning, it was very special to me, with both an energy and a very attractive chemistry: the view is unique, the sunset is magical (it has the singularity of setting at sea in summer and in summer behind the Arrábida Mountain), fantastic weather and a village that is, in fact, very interesting and still preserves its rustic features and fascinating identity.

Comporta Café

Planning a day in Comporta, what do you suggest?

Where do you recommend we have breakfast?  

In the summer at the beach kiosk – Mosquito Bar.


What’s your favorite restaurant in Comporta?

Comporta Café!


Where can’t you resist shopping at?

My wife just can’t resist going to the shops in downtown Comporta.

Comporta Café Hammock.jpg

Where is the ideal place to watch the sunset?

The terrace at Comporta Café, while listening to some music and drinking a gin and tonic.


What is Comporta’s best-kept secret, in your opinion? 

The still undiscovered places, through which I like to walk around in winter.


What would you say to someone who’s going to visit Comporta for the first time?

I would tell them to try the fresh fish and many different types of rice in the region. That they would simply have to visit the Palafítico Quay, the Roman ruins and to make use of the beach for a long morning walk (during which it is quite likely that they spot a dolphin or two!). 


Describe Comporta in a single word.



An idea for Comporta.

More dynamics. Especially during the summer. 

Who is Luís de Carvalho?

Luís has been in Comporta since 1994 and founded Comporta café in 2002. Ever since then, he’s also responsible for the Praia da Comporta beach concession and he’s been giving it new life by organizing several events there. 


Where can you find him?

To stop by Comporta Café should be enough to see Luís.

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