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Attention, Foodies! Here Comes Lisbon Food Week

Lisbon Food Week

There are special programs, talks and lectures focused on nothing but cuisine. 


Lisbon Food Week started last Monday the 1st of October and it will rock Lisbon’s best restaurants for ten more days. Some of the most famous national and international chefs will create menus inspired in a variety of concepts.

On the 2nd, for example, chef Diogo Quintas will host Flavio Morganti to help him compose a menu with meat from all over the world. The event, called “The Kingdom of Meat”, will take place at Butchers, Parque das Nações. Another highlight is a traditional Portuguese music inspired dinner, by the hands of Hugo Brito and Inês Dinis, at Boi-Cavalo on the 9th

To experience these exclusive menus, you will have to make a reservation. The complete list of the addresses for the reservations is here

In addition to the signature dinners, the program features some very peculiar recommended routes such as “The Best Steak Route”, that shows you where to eat the best meat or “The 1927 Selection Route”, which includes the restaurants known for serving the best Selection Super Bock beer. 

Chefs  Congress

Apart from all that, there are also talks and a two-day congress devoted to the theme. The daily ticket costs 50€ but it will give you access to try everything the chefs will prepare. You’ll be able to meet names the likes of José Avillez (Belcanto), ÓScar Correia (Vila Vita Parc), Vítor Sobral (Tasca da Esquina) or Flavio Morganti (Galileo, Spain).

Watch last year’s edition video here:


Check the complete program here. The 15thedition of the Chef’s Congress will take place at LX Factory and you can follow this link to buy your tickets. 

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