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TOPO Belém | A Million Reasons to Visit

TOPO Belém

You’ve most certainly heard about TOPO, but you might not have heard about this one


TOPO Belém opened in 2017 but it has recently gained a new momentum. The restaurant chain and manager Hugo Gasparinho took over the venue where the old Ba Terraço used to be, on the 3rd floor of Centro Cultural de Belém and it is well worth a visit.

Every Lisbonite worthy of that name will know the restaurant chain TOPO for its breathtaking views over the city which offer a second-to-none scenery for a photo.

Its name couldn’t suit it better: owning a restaurant at the top of a shopping center in Martim Moniz and another at Terraços do Carmo, the view is unparalleled. 

Topo Entrance

Much like its older brothers, TOPO Belém has a unique view over the Tagus and the Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Going up to the 3rd floor, you just have to follow the signs until you find yourself inside the restaurant. Once you’re in, have a look at your right-hand side and watch your soon to be food be carefully prepared by the staff behind a glass pane.

In front of you, the tables disposition resembles that of an American diner but I can assure you that you’ll find more than burgers at TOPO Belém. Actually, why don’t you cross the room and go sit outside on the terrace?

Topo Terrace

That’s the spot from where to take in the view to the 25th of April Bridge, the river and the Padrão dos Descobrimentos. On top of that, there’s a cocktail bar with a comprehensive menu that will surely keep you busy until you are ready to think about having dinner or lunch.

Here, the menu isn’t any less comprehensive. If you are coming in for lunch, the executive menu could be an affordable go-to easy-fix at 14€ but if you’re looking for something more personalized there’s also the “To Share” and the “Green and Light” categories. Both come in generously sized portions. As if this weren’t already enough, there’s also the “Daily Menu”, more traditional, as well as many side dishes

Topo Dining Room

I would highly recommend that you ask one of the friendly staff members for some advice before jumping into a hasty conclusion or else spend hours trying to decide between octopus, shrimp, beef, huevos rotos or melon soup.


Choosing won’t become any easier when it’s time for dessert, but if you trust me, you can confidently ask for the sponge cake with egg cream

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to stop by this place, especially in a late summer afternoon. Have a seat on the terrace and drink something while the sun sets. Then, when the lights go on, ask for something to share with the person you have just surprised for having chosen such a pleasant restaurant. 


Photo credits: Notícias ao Minuto

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