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Guided Tour With Caravel On Wheels

Caravel on Wheels

Looking into both the past and the future, Caravel On Wheels is not a tour like the rest


Caravel On Wheels

The date is October 31st. We left the office and headed to Rua do Comércio to meet with the team of Caravan on Wheels, a tourist bus that looks more like a boat – a caravel, to be more precise.

Caravel on Wheels.jpg

Interactive Trip


At the surface, its shape is the only distinguishing factor. In concept, though, the differences multiply. 

First of all, this is not a hop-on-hop-off bus. The hour-long visit (depending on the traffic) is a round one, which means it finishes where it started. There’s a 10 minute stop in Belém to stretch, have coffee and take photos of the area with the most monuments per square meter in Lisbon.

Deck Caravel on Wheels

Another difference is that on this bus every seat has a tablet in front of it that lets you listen to fado, know exactly where you are on the map and describes the points of interest it goes through. 


Ride and learn

Because of this video-learning format, schools often contact Caravel on Wheels for school trips.

Children Caravel on Wheels.jpg

Some of the children love mentioning that they’ve already learned this or that at school. Even the youngest have loads of fun watching the videos and then identifying the buildings they see just outside the bus window. 

During the trips, it is possible to learn the essential about each place, but also some curiosities, like where some Portuguese sayings originated. In a direct translation, to “live big and French” and to “say a French goodbye” both refer to general Junot’s behavior when staying in Lisbon. He lived with opulence and left without saying goodbye or even looking back 


The route

Starting from Rua do Comércio, Caravel On Wheels takes you through several points of interest, such as the Mouraria and Alfama neighborhoods, Chiado, Belém, and then back. 

Route Caravel on Wheels

It’s the perfect route for those who have just arrived in town and want to know it in an efficient, fast and comfortable way. 


Photos: Caravel On Wheels

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